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10th Birthday Gifts

Looking for something special to mark their 10th birthday? We believe we’ve got just what you’re looking for, as they can get to enjoy some of the most unique 10th birthday gifts around, including Junior Supercar driving, paintballing, indoor skydiving and much much more - and best of all, it’s not as much as you may think. Give them a 10th birthday to remember with an experience package from TrackDays.

Junior Driving Experiences Junior Driving From £19.00
Football Gifts and Stadium Tours Football and Stadium Tours From £32.00
Karting Experiences Karting From £99.00
Young Driver Training Young Driver Training From £54.00
Segway Experiences Segway From £30.00
Birds of Prey Birds of Prey From £49.00
Climbing and Abseiling Climbing and Abseiling From £39.00
Indoor Skydiving Indoor Skydiving From £29.99

10th Birthday Gift Ideas

A 10th birthday is a momentous occasion, and whether it’s your son, daughter, niece, nephew, godson or goddaughter, seeing them make that leap into double figures - especially when it’s usually the time they enter their last year of primary school - is that first step towards them growing up.

But that doesn’t mean to say that play time’s over by any stretch of the imagination. And if you’re looking for an amazing, one of a kind 10th birthday present to mark the occasion, we’ve got a wide variety of package options available here at TrackDays to suit all tastes and budgets that’ll add up to an unforgettable day out with memories to last a lifetime.

Junior Supercars

Just imagine this: for their 10th birthday, they get to drive or ride in the supercar that adorns a poster on their bedroom wall. We’ve gone a bit giddy with excitement saying that ourselves! For just £19, you can treat them to our Junior Racecar Blast package.

Under the guidance of an expert, DBS qualified instructor, a turbocharged, race track honed car - a Porsche Boxster S - will be theirs to take to the wheel of for 3 miles at one of several great locations and venues nationwide.

But the good news is that you don’t just have to limit it to the one car. Our Combined experience packages let them drive as many as three supercars - including Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini amongst others - all in one day. Playground bragging rights with their friends are incoming.

Future Drivers

One of our experiences we’re most proud of for junior drivers here on TrackDays is our Young Driver Training packages. They’re a perfect 10th birthday gift, not just to surprise them with but also to help invest in their future driving career.

Available in 30 or 60 minutes sessions, this gets them their first bit of driving experience to help them on their way, on a special track that’s simulated as close as possible to what they can expect under real life road conditions when they can take their provisional driving licence and start lessons at 17.

So rest assured you’re not only investing in their future, but you’re also giving them a head start to learn and get acquainted with the joy of driving.

Paintballing Party Time

If they’re not a budding petrol head, never fear. Because at TrackDays we’ve got plenty of other fantastic one off experiences to surprise them with for their 10th birthday.

We’re always open to taking group bookings in particular, which in the case of our Paintballing packages, make them an ideal choice for some unusual 10th birthday party celebrations. They can get their army fatigues on and go into splat-tastic combat with their friends or family.

Plus you’re there for the whole day on most of our Paintballing experiences, so you could even take their birthday cake along to round off the day at Base Camp and make it a celebration to remember.

Outdoor and Indoor Adventures

And there’s more high octane, fun and thrilling escapades that they can enjoy for their 10th birthday. They can take on the wild and wet fun of Sphering and Water Zorbing. Those with a head for heights can try our range of Climbing and Abseiling experiences.

And even though they might be too young to jump out of an aeroplane just yet, they can still experience all the thrills that a future career in parachuting may offer with our Indoor Skydiving packages. We take Group bookings on these too so all the family can enjoy it together.

10th Birthday Presents

Whatever you want to surprise them with, their 10th birthday present or celebrations are easily arranged with TrackDays. Our customer service team is on hand to help you over phone or email if you want to discuss making a group booking in particular.

You can book onto any available dates or purchase an open gift voucher. Plus we’ve got our free voucher exchange scheme, so if they’d prefer to do something else for their 10th birthday, we’ve got you covered. Click here if you want to find out more about how our voucher exchange scheme works.