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Enjoy a thrilling face-to-face encounter with a mob of majestic meerkats with this Meet the Meerkats experience for two. This is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal to these cute and sociable creatures and feed them their favourite treats. The meerkats will be curious of you at first and will likely stand up straight on their hind legs and stare at you through beady eyes, before possible using you as a human climbing frame as they cheekily clamber over and around you. If you’re lucky, you might get a cuddle.

Once you arrive at your chosen location, you will head straight for the meerkat enclosure. After a quick health and safety briefing, the meerkat specialist will introduce you to these wonderful animals and will be on hand to give you insightful information and oversee you as you interact with the meerkats. You will also be presented with a small tub of delicious meal worms or tasty fruit to feed to the meerkats. Each meerkat has their own unique character which is a joy to discover. You’ll want to keep a camera on hand to capture this incredible experience. *Please note: Unfortunately you are unable to feed the meerkats at the Halisham location. Please note: At the Knockholt, Kent venue you do not physically touch the meerkats. **At some locations you will also have the opportunity to explore the rest of the zoo/park at your own leisure.

This experience is available Monday to Sunday, throughout the year, subject to availability.

The experience will last 30 to 60 minutes, depending on location.

Before making a purchase, please read the information in the 'requirements' tab to ensure the recipient is valid to take part in the experience.

Minimum age varies depending on your chosen location, under 16s need to be accompanied by an adult.

This experience is not suitable for less agile people. We recommend that you wear trousers, enclosed footwear and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty!

This experience is for two people, there may be other people on the day.

At some locations you are welcome to bring spectators, although there may be an additional charge, please check on booking.

Our ethos is that your 'experience' should begin from the moment you first browse the site and we can deliver this because of:
  • - Unlike other experience companies we don't just sell you a voucher and leave you to call the supplier to book yourself. We manage your entire booking process from A - Z saving you time and money on phone calls.
  • - We have been a booking agent for track days and experience days since 2003 and have built trusted relationships with all of the venues and suppliers. The owner and manager of have both been around since the first launch and their combined knowledge of the industry is passed down to all new members of staff.
  • - We have vetted each venue and supplier and at least one of our team will have experienced the event first hand meaning we can give you honest, non-biased advice about what you are ordering.
  • - You are able to do your entire booking online, but if you do need to call us, our average answer time on our standard rate number is 20 seconds. Even during peak times when the phones are busier, you have the option to chat with us live online or email your enquiry.
  • - Once you have booked a date, we will help to ensure that you get the tickets in time for your event and will liaise with the suppliers on your behalf should you have any enquires.
  • - All of our customers are invited to review our service and the service of the operator running the event. As a returning customer you will be eligable for a trackdays discount code to use on your next purchase.
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