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Formula 1 2004 R5 Driving Experiences

The Formula 1 2004 R5 was the last ever chassis produced by Jaguar Racing for competing in the 2004 Formula 1 season. Now the legend of this turbocharged single seater lives on, as with blistering top speeds of 200+ mph, we have it available to book at some of the greatest motoring venues the UK has to offer. Take a look below to browse the full range of experiences available to book for the Formula 1 2004 R5 with TrackDays.

1 2004 R5 Driving Experiences
Single Seater
Max Speed:
0 - 60mph:
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Engine Size:
Formula 1 Passenger Ride Experience from
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Age 12+

Formula 1 Passenger Ride

This is a once in a lifetime chance for you or a friend or loved one to experience 6 passenger laps in a formula one style car. Vouchers are valid for ...
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Drive a Formula 1 2004 R5 near me

Changes were afoot with the dawn of the Formula 1 season in 2004. Jaguar Racing were about to become Red Bull Racing, after they were bought out by Red Bull at the eleventh hour in November of that year. Before the merge though, came their last chassis to compete in an F1 season - the Formula 1 2004 R5.

And what a car to bow out with. This single seater, with its distinctive white, red and green racing livery, and carbon fibre monocoque, meant it was very lightweight, and it also came kitted out with Jaguar’s signature 7-speed longitudinal semi-automatic sequential transmission.

The power of this single seater comes from its Cosworth V10 engine, pumping out an awesome 600 bhp, which allows it to accelerate from 0 - 60 mph in an eye popping 3.5 seconds, scorching to maximum speeds of 200+ mph once out on the track.

Cool Facts About the Formula 1 2004 R5

Whilst the Formula 1 2004 R5 was resolutely a one season wonder, it did turn in some pretty impressive finish times. Of the 10 races it competed in with Australia’s Mark Webber as its driver, it finished in the top 10 eight times in all. Its best showing was 6th place at the German Grand Prix in July of that year.

Better still for Austria’s Christian Klien, the car finished in the top 15 for every single one of the 14 races it competed in with him as its driver. Its best showing was also 6th place, this time at the Belgian Grand Prix that was held that August.

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