Car Track Day
27/10/2021 - Goodwood

Open Pitlane
Noise Limit: 98 dB
Product ID: 14656
Drive by: 96 dB
Event Info

Semi-open pitlane format

7:30 - Sign on starts
08.40 - Briefing
09:00 - Sighting laps
12:00-13:00 - Lunch
16:00 - Track time ends or dusk

You will be driving your car on the same Circuit as all the famous drivers from years gone by on this classic unsanitised Circuit by modern circuit requirements.
Our events are Goodwood rotate the circuit traffic every 15 / 20 minutes. However you are not in a fixed group, so you are free to come and go as you like.
After now running several events at this circuit we have decided this is the best format for noise requirements and also offers superb track time with some drivers managing over 150 miles per event.
Tea and coffee served all day as well as lunch are included in the price.
Photography are also included.

License: Full Driver's license or MSA race license
All drivers and passengers must wear a safety helmet and have arms and legs covered at all times whilst in the car.
Extra drivers may only use the car one at a time and must sanitise the car between drives. 2 metre social distancing must be obtained to at all times.
Full Face helmets (complete with visor) are compulsory in any Open or Soft Top vehicle.

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Tuition 1 hour
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