Bike Track Day
30/09/2021 - Blyton Park

Riding School
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Training sessions suitable for road and track riders.
Safety briefing plus 5 x 20 min structured classroom training sessions
5 x 20 min on-track practise sessions over the day (9.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m.)
1 hour lunch break
Maximum of only 12 riders on the new purpose-built 1.6-mile motorsport test track.
Continual feedback from your designated qualified coach
Please read the event information for details on how the levels/grouping works.
Level 1 – Is an introduction to high-speed bike control covering high-speed braking, cornering lines, counter-steering, weight transfer and lateral vs tangential tyre grip.
Designed to comply with Police Motorcycle Roadcraft and delivered by ACU Police, RoSPA and DVSA Post Test Instructors.

Level 2 – For Track Riders or those considering a track day or racing.
Complies with ACU standards and delivered by qualified ACU Coaches, experienced track coaches and ACU race licence holders.

Level 3 – This is group is for any rider who has completed Level ll or holds an ACU licence and wants to take his or her riding to the next level.
This is a more conventional and less structured more individual approach to track training. Delivered by ACU Coaches.

Please book into the correct group to get the most out of this training day
Please book onto the correct group as this will give you the most out of your day.
You will need your own bike or we can hire a bike at an extra cost of £369
Helmet, full leathers either a 1 piece to a 2 piece that zips all the way around, gloves and boots
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